E12 - Sarah Vance - Shattering Self-Doubt & Writing with Honesty - Liz Theresa

E12 – Sarah Vance – Shattering Self-Doubt & Writing with Honesty

Sarah Vance is a body image coach who specializes in helping women banish body hate and get a handle on emotional eating. She is a contributing writer for Ravishly and FabUPlus Magazine as well as the sponsored athlete for SuperFit Hero, a size-inclusive athletic apparel line. Sarah has been interviewed in a variety of podcasts including Nia Shanks, Finding our Hunger, Rebooted Body Podcast, SexyFit Podcast, Real Health Radio, Fearless Rebelle Radio, among others.

Show notes:

  • [2:01] A glimpse into what Sarah does
  • [4:12] “A lot of individuals who start their business do it out of something that has helped them or fueled them within.”
  • [5:25] Things she shares that aren’t mainstreamed
  • [11:50] Why Sarah started her podcast
  • [14:34] The types of guests on her podcast
  • [16:59] What Sarah has learned about good questions to ask on a podcast
  • [19:20] How she helps people get over the vaults involving self-love
  • [22:05] Dealing with people who are perfectionists
  • [24:15] Her thoughts on failure
  • [28:08] How she keeps up with content creation
  • [30:44] How she launched “Breaking Boundaries”
  • [32:41] Retreats that she will be holding
  • [33:30] Advice for someone who wants to launch their first program
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