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E13 – Kelly Lynn Adams – Business Plans, Time Savers, & Passive Income

As a certified business, leadership and life coach, writer, motivational speaker and founder of KellyLynnAdams.com, Kelly Lynn has helped thousands of women build smart and sustainable businesses. She has helped women to redefine success through shifting their mindsets, increasing their confidence, and stepping into their divine power.

Kelly Lynn is the author of The Little Pink Book Manifesto: 10 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Life & Your Business and The Jersey Girl’s Guide to Increasing Revenue & Confidence In Your Business. Kelly Lynn has also spent over 10 years in corporate finance for some of the top fashion and retail brands in the world.

She is on a mission to help one woman and one business at a time realize that they can be, do and have anything that they desire. On her path to leave a legacy for the next generation to come, she teaches woman on how to do the same.

Show notes:

  • [1:24] A glimpse into what Kelly Lynn does
  • [3:55] Advice for women who want to manage their time better
  • [11:04] How she helps people figure out if they want to leave a 9-5
  • [13:25] “Sometimes you just have to put it down and let it go.”
  • [17:11] Her book process
  • [20:27] How Kelly Lynn does her “90-day” visions
  • [24:51] Did her book coach help her?
  • [27:13] Do you have to have an idea before you write a book?
  • [28:49] Kelly Lynn pictures herself writing another book!
  • [30:07] Advice for people looking for passive revenue streams
  • [35:07] Her last bit of advice
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