E14 - Caren Shapiro - On Being "Coachable" & Making Changes - Liz Theresa

E14 – Caren Shapiro – On Being “Coachable” & Making Changes

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E14 - Caren Shapiro - On Being "Coachable" & Making Changes

On Being “Coachable” & Making Changes. Caren Shapiro is a transformational coach who helps people be “ALL IN” in all areas of their lives through custom, made-for-you one-on-one coaching programs. She can help you connect to why you are here so you can find your gift. All you have to be is willing to learn, authentic, coachable, and open to making some changes.

Show notes:

  • [1:02] The kind of work Caren does
  • [4:41] How entrepreneurs get over the feeling of worthlessness
  • [7:02] “When you start working toward you and you get all in–mind, body, spirit–with yourself, then everything flows into place.”
  • [8:34] How she’s showed people that they’re worth more than what they think
  • [18:36] A peek into her book
  • [27:03] Did Caren feel like her life was going to change after losing all that weight?
  • [30:40] Caren DIDN’T always know that she would start a business
  • [31:59] How she attracts the right people
  • [36:40] Advice for people who are just starting a business
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