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E37 – James Anderson – Broadcasting Your Business

James Anderson is a Public Address Announcer based in the Greater Boston Area. He proudly served in the US Air Force and recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Broadcasting from Syracuse University. James is passionate about sports journalism and provides content creation tips for entrepreneurs and online creatives.

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Show notes:

  • [2:06] – James shares his personal story regarding how his interest in broadcast journalism and sports began.
  • [4:15] – His first gig.
  • [6:36] – A first gig can be a launchpad for bigger and better gigs.
  • [8:35] – Making a mistake isn’t the end of the world.
  • [11:10] – How to tell a story from the “fan” or “reader” perspective.
  • [14:55] – Discusses his time in the US Air Force and how it prepared him professionally.
  • [18:47] – Tips for adding more structured time to your day to boost efficiency.
  • [21:43] – 5 tips for anyone who wants to start creating content for their website, Facebook, YouTube, or podcast.
  • [29:00] – A tip about content duration.
  • [32:10] – James’ last pieces of advice.
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