E5 – Peter Fretty - Launching a Product & a Writing Career - Liz Theresa

E5 – Peter Fretty – Launching a Product & a Writing Career

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E5 – Peter Fretty - Launching a Product & a Writing Career

In this interview, Peter reveals what it takes to be a professional writer and also what to expect when bringing a physical product to market!

Peter Fretty is the founder of Barrels of Yum, a candy company out of Whitehall, Michigan. Barrels of Yum produces nostalgic reminiscent of the old fashioned rootbeer barrel candy – but reimagined into over 42 different flavors! Peter is also a freelance writer who has been professionally writing for the past fifteen years. As a highly experienced freelance journalist, he has written thousands of feature articles and cover stories for an assortment of trade journals, business publications and consumer magazines. With a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Marketing and Communications, he has worked with over forty publications.

Show notes:

  • [2:00] Peter’s story of starting Barrels of Yum
  • [3:55] The concern of having overhead in a product-based business
  • [5:25] “I think the biggest challenge when you have a product is you may see an opening there of something that is maybe not produced quite as you think it should be, but then you produce it and think that everybody is going to come.”
  • [8:05] How you know when you’re not getting the right reception
  • [9:38] How long Barrels of Yum has existed – and when it REALLY launched
  • [11:05] Tips for establishing trust with your customers
  • [13:21] “I think the biggest struggle that people actually have is being able to say no.”
  • [17:45] How to deal with a tough customer
  • [23:20] Who Peter likes to interview
  • [26:40] Peter’s experience with and advice for television
  • [28:28] His advice for anyone who is in the writing world or wants to get into it
  • [31:10] Tips for breaking down a writer’s block
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