E6 – Michelle Elman - Loving Your Body & Going Viral - Liz Theresa

E6 – Michelle Elman – Loving Your Body & Going Viral

Michelle Elman is a body confidence coach and the founder of Mindset for Life. She started the #scarrednotscared movement with a viral video on social media. In this episode, Michelle graciously shares her story of having 15 surgeries and gives advice for anyone wanting to share their own story or start a new business.

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Show notes:

  • [1:54] How Michelle came to be a body confidence coach
  • [7:21] Why her video went viral
  • [11:14] “There’s so much shame around scars, and around divorce, and when you talk about something, it lifts that shame.”
  • [14:00] How she started to focus on body positivity
  • [19:17] The connections Michelle has made online
  • [27:27] Advice for people who have something to say


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