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How to Draft Killer Copy for Your About Page


What if you could attract more clients simply by revamping your about page? That’s a question I recently asked myself – a few months later and got a whole new look. Whether you already have a website or one in the works, it’s important to consider it a constant work in progress. Why? Because you are an evolving force and so is your website.


Your website is a representation of YOU, and you are AWESOME. A boring about page is the opposite of awesome, especially because it’s the #1 most clicked page after your homepage.

“If you’re a bunch of blah blah and Master’s degrees, no one will think you’re any different than any other suit. Got it?”

You may feel attached to your current copy (after all, it was your first digital self-portrait) or maybe just unsure where to begin blending your professional and private profiles into a branded masterpiece of you, and I recognize that.

It’s for those very feelings that I put together a little thing I like to call How to Draft Killer Copy for Your About Page. When you download this guide, you’re not just getting a hyped up motivational read meant to inspire your creativity. (Okay so, there is some of that, but that’s not all there is!)

With this eBook you will learn…

  • my tried-and-true formula for creating a compelling about page sans bells and whistles – just a clean-cut page that showcases you and your brand,
  • what to keep and what to delete from your original copy,
  • the difference between a summary of your accomplishments and experience (basically a resume) and your STORY,
  • and how find a balance between telling all and staying professional.

My theory is that if you don’t care about what you’re saying online, neither will anyone else, so presenting your best, most authentic self is everything – and it all begins with your about page.

Are you ready to claim your name and your fame? I hope that’s a yes because that’s what my guide is for. 


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