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My (Not so Secret) List of Web and Business Tools!

I use the tools below for both my own business and to support my clients! The Internet can be pretty overwhelming when you’re weighing your options, so this list will save you a lot of headaches and hassle.

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned on this page. Read the disclaimer for more info.

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Systems & Productivity


Free, For Anyone!

  • IFTTT literally means If This, Then That
  • Can automate and integrate hundreds of different services with each other
  • Their most handy integrations (for me) have been related to social media

Paid Option, For Experts

  • Can automate and integrate hundreds of different services with each other
  • Similar to IFTTT – but – paid with way more options
  • Their most handy integrations (for me) have been related to social media


Free Option, For Beginners

  • Create professional invoices in SECONDS
  • Free and extremely easy to use
  • You can send invoices right from their platform or save them as PDFs
  • Accept credit card payments via a pay-link right on the invoice that goes to Stripe or PayPal

Paid Option, For Professionals

  • Beautiful invoices and automated expenses
  • Built-in time tracking (handy for service providers)
  • Customer portal built-in

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Paid, For Professionals!

  • Syncs seamlessly with iCalendar or Google Calendar
  • Multiple appointment types with built-in reminders
  • SUPER sleek interface for your clients
  • You can drill down specific appointment rules (so that way, you avoid overwhelm with lots of bookings)

Free, For Anyone!

  • Ideal for finding a time to meet when you have to work with more than two people’s schedules
  • Not a booking system, but simply a time-finder for a group of people
  • Free and easy to use


Paid, For Professionals!

  • Keep track of your hard earned hours in here
  • Extremely intuitive timer (also available on iPhone / Android)
  • Increases transparency between you and your clients
  • Great for managing many clients and working on a team level

Free, For Professionals!

  • Keep track of your hard earned hours in here
  • Great for tracking individual time & freelancers

Project Management

Paid Option, For Professionals who manage teams

  • SO MUCH BETTER THAN ASANA (please don’t use Asana, it sucks so much)
  • Easily create projects and collaborate with others in one place
  • WAY fewer annoying emails and super affordable

Free, For Anyone!

  • Instant messaging platform for teams
  • Cuts back on emailing by about 1,000%
  • Ability to store data (or not store data if you prefer to live off the grid)

Free, For Anyone!

  • Store any files, from Word Docs to Photoshop files to videos all in the same little utopia
  • It’s all cloud storage so you can view them anytime, anywhere
  • Sharing the files takes a click of a button and multiple people can edit a document at one time


Free, For Anyone!

  • Don’t love the idea of using your cell number as your business line? Me neither. Use a GoogleVoice number!
  • It’s FREE to get one. If you’re USA based, you get free domestic calling.
  • Works with the Google Hangouts app so you can even text people with your new number.

Business Growth

Recommended Courses

Free, For Anyone!

Take this powerful course in writing your website copy with me, Liz! I don’t care if you say you can’t write – if you can talk, you can write. Learn to weave words into dollars.

Paid, For Anyone!

Hosted by Kayla Sloan, take this course to learn how to make some serious cash and work from home! Not a scam – Kayla is freakin’ brilliant.


Free, For Anyone!

  • Every website should have this set up to monitor the length of time people spend on your site, what they find most interesting, and where they come from
  • Understanding the way your audience behaves on your site is crucial to understanding how effective your website is
  • PS: your website is WAY more important than any marketing you’re doing

Free, For Anyone!

  • A free tool offered by Google that will email you every time an article/link is published on the web that contains your specific search term
  • ie. I set mine up to fire an email to me if someone publishes an article containing my name (ie. “Liz Theresa”)
  • Really great tool to boost your awareness of your own brand

Social Media

Free, For Anyone!

  • Drag and drop graphic design tool that helps you make cool images
  • Several templates depending which social channel you are posting to or how you are using the image
  • Includes all Google Fonts (so you can probably use the same font there that you use on your website)

Free, For Anyone!

  • Create custom short links to track clicks
  • Watch real-time analytics in a super clean dashboard
  • Free to sign up!


  • Create custom short links to track clicks that are prettier than (because they’re on your domain – think – now, that’s a pretty link!
  • Built-in ability to track, organize, share and test all of your links simply by logging into your WordPress.

Paid, For Professionals!

The easiest way to schedule posts for Instagram & FB without intervention or annoying push notifications. You’ll even be able to schedule stories (yes, with notifications, but still saves so much space in your brain.)


Vimeo saves you time & empowers your team to work smarter. Whatever you’re working on, Vimeo has the tools to get it done.


Free, For Anyone!

  • If you can’t hire a PR person, you can be your own with HARO
  • Receive daily emails with pitches and leads to getting featured in blogs, magazines, and TV spots
  • Free to join

Paid Option, For Professionals

  • Podcast Booking Service that rapidly establishes entrepreneurs as experts
  • Elevate your influence and increase your visibility with Podcast guesting so you can scale your business without becoming a full time marketer
  • Free 10-Minute Masterclass
  • Apply to work with them

Email Marketing

Free, For Everyone

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Great for eCommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce).
  • Integrates with just about everything.

Paid Option, For Professionals

  • A smarter platform for targeting prospects who join your list
  • Ability to create simple nurture sequences
  • Single-optin functionality

Paid Option, For Experts

  • Easy to use interface for sending broadcasts to your audience
  • American based company
  • Phone support is included with all plans


Free, For Everyone

Livestream a video show and syndicate it to YouTube, Linkedin, and Facebook Live simultaneously. Download the archived audio and send it to iTunes and this is what you call majorly leveraging your content.

Website Tools

Domains + Hosting

Shared Hosting, For Beginners

  • Affordable for startups
  • Amazing USA 24/7 customer support
  • Speedy SSD servers + Complimentary SSL

Domain Registrations

  • Use your Google login to buy a domain (easy!)
  • One less login to remember
  • Complimentary email forwarding

Recommended Software

Free Option, For Professionals

  • The best way to sell with WordPress
  • Excellent support from Automattic (The makers of WordPress!)
  • Integrates with a vast amount of services (including many listed on this page!)

Free, For Everyone!

  • Bring the best of to
  • Block spam comments with a freaky level of accuracy
  • Offers tons of popular tools in a singular plugin

Paid, For Everyone!

Create and sell beautiful online courses — no code knowledge required! ?

Free Trial, For Everyone

  • Give yourself the peace of mind to know you’re ADA-compliant
  • Automated solution
  • They offer litigation services on your behalf

Payment Gateways

Best for On-site, Online Payments

  • Get paid online without sending users off your website to pay
  • Pay a fee per transaction only (no monthly fees)
  • Does not require you get an annoying merchant account
  • Payments are automatically credited to your checking account in 1-2 days

Best for Off-site, Online Payments

  • Get paid online without worrying about security (because they check out at PayPal)
  • Pay a fee per transaction only unless you get PayPal Pro
  • Does not require you get an annoying merchant account
  • Payments are stored in PayPal

Best for In-Person Payments

  • Get paid in person with a handy device that plugs right into your phone
  • Pay a fee per transaction only (no monthly fees)
  • Does not require you get an annoying merchant account
  • Payments are automatically credited to your checking account the next day

Security Tools

Paid, For Everyone!

  • Protect yourself on Public WiFi from snoopers (Hotels, Starbucks, In-Flight WiFi etc.)
  • Add an extra layer of privacy when browsing online
  • Circumvent geographical blocks when traveling

Content Delivery Network

  • Global CDN for Speedy Access
  • Reduces Server Load
  • Provides Basic Firewall Security For Free

Paid, For Everyone!

  • Worth every penny – most secure password locker out there
  • Syncs to all your devices with a handy mobile app, browser integration, and desktop software
  • Also stores your credit card data which makes paying for things online more secure (and a snap!)

Website Legal Forms

PAID, For Business Owners!

Bobby’s Website Forms Package
Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer
Bobby Klinck is an Intellectual Property Attorney who specializes in working with entrepreneurs just like you! This package gives you all the forms you need for your shiny new site and is WAY more trustworthy and effective than one of those creepy online terms generators.