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10 Things I LOVE About Working for Myself

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There are probably 100 reasons I love working for myself. From the lack of commute to never having a boss who knows less than I do, I am reminded daily how AWESOME it is to be your own boss. Here are my fave reasons why I love being the #BossLady.

  1. I have the funniest boss!

Move over Michael Scott, Liz Theresa here. Not only do I make my clients laugh, I make myself crack up too.

  1. My dress code is lax… and by lax, I mean yoga pants.
SOOOO many options!
SOOOO many options!

Some days I get up, I put on a cute outfit, I put my make up on and channel my inner Aria Montgomery (PLL reference, get with it!). Some days, however, I put on comfies and keep it casual. The freedom to express myself is priceless.

  1. I can work from anywhere.
That’s me! You know, “at the office.”

Beautiful summer day? Awesome, you’ll find me with my laptop and iPhone at the beach catching rays while I work. 2 feet of snow ? You will find me at home (in yoga pants) sipping hot cocoa as I work from the couch. Win, win!

  1. Manis and Pedis at 10 on a Tuesday.
Me too, Zoey, Me too.
Me too, Zooey, Me too.

Maybe I have sometime between calls or maybe I feel like I need to treat MY self’ before a meeting. No need to lie to my supervisor, I can head to the salon whenever I want!

  1. My BALLA morning routine.
Or what I like to call EVERYDAY!
Or what I like to call EVERYDAY!

No morning commute means I can sleep later than the average professional. I wake up around 8 a.m. have a cup of joe, watch Netflix for an hour, and then start my day at 9 a.m. (like any other professional). EXCEPT, I am happier about it because I did not just sit in traffic for an hour.

  1. I can grocery shop whenever I please.
Ain't nobody got time for that
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I go to the grocery store and get a VIP parking spot because I go at 11 a.m on a Wednesday and there are three other people there. It is AWESOME. No lines, I can take my time weighing my produce.

  1. Eating lunch at home or out with a friend – ain’t no thang!

Brown bag lunches were never my thing. And I am far too thrifty to buy lunch out EVERY day. I have the freedom to cook myself up a nice meal or I can easily grab lunch with a friend out and about. Best of both worlds!

  1. Zumba with stay-at-home moms.
All. The. Solos.
All. The. Solos.

This may sound silly, but I am for serious. I love that I can go to a mid-morning zumba class. They are way less crowded than the evening ones and the ladies I workout with are AMAZING.

  1. I never have to call-out sick.
I don't need to explain myself to you...
I don’t need to explain myself to you…

I hated having to explain to someone I was not coming in because I was sick. I mean, c’mon, I should not have to prove to anyone I have a fever or get a doctor’s note to return. If have the freedom now not to explain myself to a boss, maybe send an email to a client or two, but that’s much more manageable!

  1. Making my own hours!

employee of the month

My friend is getting married and I need  to go to her wedding? No need to ask for time off. My Grandma needs a ride to an appointment? Sure thing, I just wont schedule a call during that time. The flexibility is great for a free-spirit like me or for anyone with a demanding family life!


What do YOU like best about working from home? What do you find challenging?

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