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I’m Liz Theresa. I help entrepreneurs like you rise and be the star of your business.

I do it 2 ways:
(1) by creating websites that reflect the YOU of your business;
(2) using highly-converting, non-cheesy copy to get your target market to DO the things we want them to do.

I’m from the Boston area (go Red Sox!) and my clients are totally the kinds of people I’d hang with at Starbucks talking about anything for hours over a couple of grande, iced nonfat chai lattes. And, if you’re local, we probably actually do this.

the star


- Liz Theresa

You’re In The Right Place IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE...

★ Done with not being taken seriously – because you either don’t have a website or you hate the one you have. This is called Website Shame. And it sucks.

★ So close to your dreams you can taste them. Picture your business ideas are an ice cream cone on a hot day. You know it’s going to be AWESOME, but you don’t know where to start. And the longer you wait, the worse you feel, because that ice cream is melting. It feels like your dream is slipping through your fingers and if you don’t do it now, you might never do it.

★ Meant for MORE in this life than morning traffic, buttoned shirts, punching clocks, your office chair, that desk, and those piles of paper. And if you’ve read this far, you are. I promise. You are.

★ Five minutes from throwing your Macbook out the window because you tried to DIY your own website. The process is as frustrating as that relentless itch in the middle of your back. WHY CAN’T I REACH THAT?!

★ Waiting for your life to happen. Not moving forward may be setting you back in other areas of your life too! Relationships, your health, and so on. You think that maybe if you felt proud of your work, the rest might fall into place. (And BTW – you’re totally right. It does!)

★ Totally stuck because you have no sales – because you don’t have your business foundation figured out yet, marketing materials, or your website. Websites matter – without them, you just don’t have footing.



When I was little, I had no idea I’d be doing what I do now. Little Liz wouldn’t have believed me if I told her what lay ahead. She’d probably think I was speaking in tongues if I started saying words like podcast, blog, or YouTube.

Back then, I’d wanted to be an actress on Days of Our Lives when I grew up. Yes, really. That was what I thought my life was building out to. I even tried my hand working in the entertainment business but absolutely hated how rotten all the people were. I’m a total Sagittarius which means I have no B.S. tolerance. I quickly learned drama, in more ways than one, was not for me.

When I finished undergrad, I thought, “Hey. Why not go get a Master’s degree while I figure this out?” I went on to study English at Bridgewater State University. A little context for you: Twitter had only launched the February of that same year. So, it was during my two-year graduate studies program that I discovered the wild (and often ridiculous) world of online marketing. My days evolved from spending evenings at theatre rehearsals and nights writing English papers to pouring over Internet Marketing for Dummies and reading absolutely everything MarketingProfs.com had to say.

It wasn’t until I completed my MA degree that I started offering freelance web services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. That was also when I had my first AHA moment.

Any and ALL marketing you do for your business is only as effective as where you send the traffic. AKA: your website.

That was when I figured out that my little web design hobby (yes, hobby) was the real answer to helping my clients truly become the best they could be.


Full disclosure: the absolute BEST part of my job is the vast impact I have on the world! Many of my clients are service-oriented people just like me. Coaches, experts, authors, consultants. Because I’m the one helping them launch and build their businesses means I am actually helping them help more people. What a remarkably beautiful thing!


Liz Theresa is a business mentor, copywriter, and web designer. She’s helped entrepreneurs find clarity and uniquely market themselves with confidence for the past 10 years. She wants every entrepreneur to rise and be the star of their own business. She’s the creator of Concept to Creation, her flagship branding and web design program in which she blends her role as both a strategist and website designer and developer for her clients. Concept to Creation brings the client’s ideas to life online in the form of an irresistible brand and a captivating website.

Liz is also the host of the acclaimed Liz on Biz podcast. Named one of 12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More by Forbes, Liz on Biz is a high-energy show that combines real stories from successful entrepreneurs with lots of laughs in a 30-minute format that keeps listeners coming back each week. Episodes air every Monday and are streaming wherever you podcast.

She has been a featured woman business owner in WE USA and credited in The Patriot Ledger, Business News Daily, Elephant Journal, and CEO Blog Nation. She’s been interviewed on a variety of podcasts including So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, The Online Genius Podcast, The Kara Goldin Show, among countless others.

Liz lives with her son Leo and husband James, a US Air Force Veteran, in the Boston area. When she’s not working with clients, she’s either recording episodes of her podcast Liz on Biz, buying things she doesn’t need at Target, or dancing like no one is watching (except they are) at Zumba class.

Liz holds a Master of Arts degree in English from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts where she also was honored with the prestige of being a graduate assistant both years she attended. Liz completed her Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts with a degree in English and Theatre Arts.



Meet the LT Team

Ashley Mason

Ashley Mason is a marketing consultant on the south shore of Massachusetts and loves working with entrepreneurs to create marketing strategies that attract their ideal clients, establish an online presence, and gain leads. When she’s not geeking out over all things marketing, she loves to go for a run, curl up on the couch with a good book, or hit the beach.

Alyssa Ray

Alyssa is a Virtual Assistant residing in beautiful northern Wisconsin who loves all things creative and technical! When she isn’t working, you can find Alyssa petting her 3 cats, writing poetry, painting, or playing The Sims.

Carey Niekrash

Carey is a Virtual Assistant living in the coastal town of Mystic, CT. She is passionate about customer service and ensuring her clients always receive the very best experience and service! When she’s not working, Carey loves running after her son, running with her greyhound and lounging on the beach with a cold beer in hand.

Jennifer Parisi

Jen has been working with Liz for about 5 years now. Jen is a graphic designer and fine artist, born and raised in the greater Boston area. Aside from designing, she enjoys spending time with her German Shepherd dog Blade, working with animals, playing competitive sports, kayaking, being lazy on the beach, and reading intriguing books!

Kelly Potts

Kelly’s love for design started at age 10 when she co-founded her completely kid-run neighborhood newsletter with her brother and best friend. Today, Kelly is an experienced Graphic Designer and Marketing Professional. She’s always called the Carolinas home and currently lives in a South Carolina suburb of Charlotte, NC with her husband, two kids, and two Shiba Inus. Kelly loves all things creative whether it’s logo design, website design, branding collateral, or really awesome Halloween costumes and birthday parties for her kiddos.

Sarah Beebe

Sarah is a finance enthusiast living just south of Boston. When she’s not studying to get certified as a financial planner or reading the IRS website for fun, Sarah can be found acting overly dramatic, reading books far too emphatically, or making a fool of herself dancing.

Zackery Fretty

Zackery is a web developer living in the greater Grand Rapids area with his wife Megan, Miniature Dachshund, Mimi, and Chihuahua Finn. Zackery focuses on anything and everything WordPress. He has been collaborating on projects with Liz for over 6 years. When he’s not crafting custom themes or keeping websites from blowing up, you can find him cycling, hiking, or being lazy and watching TV. Depends largely on the day.