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How to Make an Online Quiz to Get More Leads

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Think about all the online content you create for your brand. What is the common denominator?

(Likely) all of your content creates a PASSIVE experience for the user.

  • Blog articles. Users read these.
  • Videos. Users watch these.
  • Podcast episodes. Users listen to these.

Why are quizzes so darn awesome?

Well, quizzes are unique because they force users answer questions. Who doesn’t wanna learn more about themselves? How many hours of your life have you spent answering quizzes at the back of Cosmopolitan or determining which character on Friends you are?

I recently met this guy Josh Haynam, the founder of Interact Quiz Builder (see the website here.) He sent me an email out of the blue – it was super friendly – and he invited me to try it out. I even ended up making a quiz myself which is accessible to you via the link below.


Even though huge companies like Red Lobster and Zagat use the platform, Josh and his co-founder created Interact Quiz Builder specifically for service and expert-oriented businesses just like yours to generate more leads in a fun, new way.

Interact has a free account level for anyone who wants to play around and see if it’s a fit. They also let you create polls and, even more freaking cool of them, they let you make your own giveaways! Giveaways can also spur growth for you on social media… but, I digress. We’ll get to giveaways in a bit .

BTW – I interviewed Josh for the podcast because we got along so well – and his episode will air sometime in August. CAN’T EVEN WAIT.

All this said, let’s dive in.

How to Create Your First Quiz

1. Create an account with Interact.

2. Log in.

3. Click Quizzes in the sidebar.

4. Click the Create New Quiz button.

5. On this next screen, you can opt to create a brand new quiz – OR, if you’re like me and prefer to live like a stress-free human, you can choose from one of their ready-made, high-performing quizzes! You can sort through quizzes using the categories on the left as well.

6. Once you find a quiz you like, I recommend taking the quiz by clicking the Preview button to make sure it suits you and is aligned with your target audience and brand. (Or just take a few for fun!)

7. Select Use this Quiz once you find one you want to try out!

8. This is the part where you can add your own twist! Interact lets you change the title to something custom, add your own cover image, create your own description, and even change the questions and answers! Use the options on the lefthand side to customize your quiz with your favorite colors and fonts.

9. After you make it all pretty and fun, you should enable lead capture! BECAUSE THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE, PEOPLE! Am I right or am I right? To enable lead capture, toggle the “Enable lead capture” in the top left to On and then magic will ensue on your screen.

10. You can force people to enter their email to get results (which is a wicked good idea) – so you want to un-check the “Allow users to skip information collection.” This, I suppose, is a personal opinion – but you shouldn’t rob yourself of a great lead opportunity. You know? This is also the screen where you can ask for people’s first names, if that is important for your list. Hit Save Form & Continue to get to the next step.

11. Select your email marketing service provider and follow the prompts to complete your setup. Your web developer (ahem, or me!) may come in handy when doing this step in the process.

12. When you’re done, hit Share & Embed up top to proceed. Then, Interact will give you code to add the quiz to your website or you can use their handy dandy WordPress plugin. Or your developer can do this for you!

TADAAAAAAAA, and you did it!

Not so bad, am I right? Next time I blog about Interact, I’m going to try to cover how awesome their giveaways feature is! I can’t wait to get my feet wet with that. To check out Interact and get your free account, click here.

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