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Making Time for a Time Audit

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I realize the LAST thing you wanna be told is to DO yet another task to fix your time problem. ? (See more at

Your #1 instinct is probably, “Time Audit, huh? TOO BAD I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ONE.”

Congrats – I felt exactly the same about it. How’s that workin’ for ya? ???

OBVIOUS, but important LOGIC >> If you have a problem you wanna fix, you have to actually DO something to fix it.

Of course, if you don’t wanna fix your whole “I have no time” mantra way of life, then ignore this.

BUT if you seriously yearn for a day where you…

– Feel like stuff gets done because oh-look – you’re legit getting more done in a day
– Have a MUCH greater sense of accomplishment
– Realize you’re far from a failure because you’re making a difference with the work you’re doing

Then you need to do this time audit thing. I was resistant too! I mean – how can it SAVE time if I write down and log my every move?!

TRUTH – it does. It really, really does…

When you log your activities in a blog post or notes app of your phone, you’re WAY more mega-aware of where those precious minutes are going.

This means less self sabotage, a more efficient hustle, and as you cross things off, WAYYYYY less overwhelm.

Who’s with me???

I seriously challenge you because this time audit thing has been the most impactful way for me to get a handle on my schedule. So I’m making TWO posts about it this week because, yes, it’s that freakin important.

I started out by doing it just one day – and it turned into 3. Learn more about it at

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