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Successfully Launching A Course with Pre-Sales

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What if I told you the best way to launch a course successfully is to actually PRE-SELL your course.

What do I mean by PRE-SELL?

***Sell it before you’ve created it.***

I recently did this with my Copy Masterclass. ? I pre-sold the course as a *beta* course. Then, once I saw I had interest, I created it in real-time using the feedback I received from course participants!

Using the approach of PRE-SELLING and BETA-TESTING ensured 2 huge things…
– That my course was sellable! If people bought something that didn’t yet exist based solely on the course’s intent and purpose, that meant I would sell the course when it officially launched.
– That the content in the course is made specifically for the people who wanted to buy it. This is HUGE – we have great ideas for products sometimes – and just create them before we know if they’re effective or helpful. Beta-testing gives you immensely valuable information on the people you want to help the most.

What do you think of beta-testing? Have you ever done this before?

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