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Unique Selling Proposition and You!

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When I say USP, you may be thinking…

>> About USDA Prime Beef.

>> Your USB drive. But where the heck did you put that again?

>> That USP sounds patriotic. It must be the United States of… Pizza?

Okay – jokes aside, you might actually know that USP stands for…

**drumroll please**

Unique Selling Proposition


I know – here in USLT (United States of Liz Theresa) – we usually make fun of marketing -isms, terms, and platitudes. And I still think marketing terminology is a barrier that can keep a lot of entrepreneurs from pushing the buttons necessary to starting their business. And I don’t LIKE barriers.

So then I thought – why not cover some of these terms for my delightful FAMERS – so I can help explain what they mean for you and your business. Because – TRUTH BE TOLD – although the terms are overused and annoying, the concepts behind them are immensely valuable.


What is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

>> A USP (unique selling proposition) is sometimes called a “unique selling point.” Your USP differentiates your brand from your competition. It’s why people come to YOU – and not that other guy.

Simple enough, right?


Unfortunately, this question can feel HUGE for an entrepreneur who doesn’t know the answer. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re too close to your business to see what might actually make you different.


How do you find your USP?

I’m excited to tell you there’s lots of different ways to uncover your USP.

WAY #1 – Genuinely brainstorm how you think you’re different from your competition.
You might be surprised about how easy this might come. The term can be the thing that blocks your answer to this question – but once you realize what USP is, you can have an easier time thinking about your competition and saying, “Oh hey – I do X, Y, and Z for my customers / clients – and they do not.”

WAY #2 – Ask your customers.
Do you have customers you work with already who can speak to why they love you so much? They can be more objective about what they like about you than you can be. Ask as many customers as you can – and you’ll begin to notice certain words / phrases that pop up on repeat. These refrains are like little clues that can take you to your USP.

WAY #3 – *YOU* might be your USP.
This is not a riddle – it’s the truth! Sometimes, people hire me because of who I am. They see me online or they read my website – and hire me – not just for my reputation and expertise – but for my personality!


NOTE: A USP isn’t usually one thing – it is usually a list of ways you’re better than other people. So don’t think of it as one proposition – think of it as a bunch of little ones that work together like a powerful team.

Also – while I have your attention – here’s how to NOT find your USP. (I hate that I have to tell you this, because people should know better.) But asking a Facebook group full of people who know nothing about you or your business is not an effective way to get feedback about a logo, deciding who your target is, asking if your copy is good, or if your website is pretty. You need to learn to do Market Research WHICH WILL BE THE TERM I’LL COVER NEXT.

(See what I did there? Segway!)


What’s your USP? What’s your experience with the term? Leave it in the comments below

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