E202 - Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon - What is Your Employer Brand? - Liz Theresa

E202 – Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon – What is Your Employer Brand?

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E202 - Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon - What is Your Employer Brand?

Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon – Banana Pepper HR Founder, HR Rule Breaker, and HR pro who thinks like a Marketer.

Nicole has built her niche expertise over 20 years as an in-house HR Director as well as leading her own freelance consulting business. Known for a creative approach to HR, Nicole works with independent luxury hospitality brands, private properties, and boutique hotels in the Caribbean on the People aspect of brand launches, openings, restructuring and business growth.  Nicole founded Banana Pepper HR for visionary luxury hospitality leaders tired of the status quo and who are ready to level up their game.

What makes Banana Pepper HR different is the laser focus on connecting people to culture and uncovering the secret sauce of your employer brand to your distinctive advantage. Nicole coaches hoteliers, leaders and visionary owners ready to transform and build red-hot independent luxury hotels and private estates. After all, if your business is red-hot, your people should be too.

Banana Pepper HR is about throwing out what is not working from the old-hat HR mindset in favour of an unconventional, creative, and integrated approach that builds remarkable businesses with people at the heart of the operation and guest experience.  You can learn more about practical steps to creative HR and doing business differently in her blog

Nicole is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK (MCIPD)

Since May 2018, her primary assignment has been the People and Development Director in The British Virgin Islands reopening Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island post hurricane Irma, the launch of Virgin Limited Edition’s private Estates on Moskito Island; and now as a consultant guiding the development of COVID-19 business bounce-back action plans for the properties.

Useful links:

  • Banana Pepper HR

Show notes:

  • Where did Banana Pepper HR come from?
  • What about Aquarius?
  • What is an Employer Brand?
  • What are symptoms of a sick employer brand?
  • How do you show care to your team? Morale?
  • How does thee employer brand connect to culture?
  • “You don’t need an HR department. You need HR thinking.”
  • Hiring like-minded values rather than your personal clone
  • Hosting versus servicing


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