E22 - Where Are You on the OCD Spectrum? - Liz Funk - Liz Theresa

E22 – Where Are You on the OCD Spectrum? – Liz Funk

Liz Funk is the founder of GlowingOCDBrain.com. She is an OCD expert, speaker, and author seeking to raise awareness about OCD and make it easier for people struggling with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, or uncomfortable obsessions and compulsions – to explore whether they may have OCD.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The OCD Spectrum (and how you can find out if you fall on it)
  • How to handle entrepreneurship and OCD
  • The “mental bootcamp” of recovering from intrusive thoughts
  • Sharing your vulnerability in a professional way
  • Freelance writing (and writing for the big publications)
  • Challenges writers face in the publishing industry in 2017
  • Getting more speaking opportunities
  • Handling pre-talk jitters
  • Tips for giving a talk like a pro

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