E273 - Sage Polaris - The Simpsons Approach to Writing Sales Copy - Liz Theresa

E273 – Sage Polaris – The Simpsons Approach to Writing Sales Copy

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E273 - Sage Polaris - The Simpsons Approach to Writing Sales Copy


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Danielle is the host of the Online Presence Podcast and an Innovative Funnel Strategist who helps female leaders scale to their next level of ease in business without sacrificing weekends or profit. Through sales message & funnel recalibration for higher conversion rates and evergreen resonance. She just launched the long-awaited Stellar Sales Funnel Indicators guide. Giving coaches, course creators and info product owners what they need to look for to make their sales system go not just from good to great. But great to STELLAR.

Uncover the Top 3 metrics that indicate whether your current offer & funnel is destined to scale to high 6 or 7 figures successfully. Alongside guided videos to explain what to look out for and why. You won’t want to miss it.  – https://www.danielleklemm.com/stellar

Sage Polaris has written high converting copy for more than 400+ clients earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website. 

Her emails and sales pages are responsible for generating as much as 7 figures in a single launch. She has worked with Chalene Johnson, Chrisette Michele, Rick Mulready, and Lynne Twist. Basically, she makes money for the “internet famous” people we all look up to. 

And in turn, has been an international speaker in exclusive private Masterminds. She can SHOW your audience how to go from story telling to story selling. This is what truly makes a brand legendary.

… and today she’ll tell you exactly how to do that in your own businesses. 


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Show notes:

  • What do you do in your business?
  • What was your pre-Sage name? What made you change it?
  • What’s in a name?
  • On branding.
  • What does the Simpsons have to do with the way we think about sales copy?
  • Are you a Lisa or a Bart?
  • Where can we find you online?
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