E274 - Michael W. Arnold - How to Slack Off Successfully - Liz Theresa

E274 – Michael W. Arnold – How to Slack Off Successfully

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E274 - Michael W. Arnold - How to Slack Off Successfully


Sales got you all sleazy queasy and smelly cheesy? Don’t let sales avoidance be the death of your dream!! You need Annie P. Ruggles. Annie’s the founder of the acclaimed Non-Sleazy Sales Academy for entrepreneurs who want to make money but hate asking for it. Annie is also the hostess with the most-est of the fantastically hilarious business podcast Too Legitimate To Quit (on which I was a guest!) If you like Liz on Biz, you’ll LOVE that show. Learn more about Annie’s Non-Sleazy Sales Academy at anniepruggles.com or listen to her podcast Too Legitimate to Quit anywhere you get your podcast.


Michael W Arnold is a work from home entrepreneur with skills that range from business management, business development, time management, strategy, efficiency coaching, and much more. Michael has worked for over 15 years from home working for himself and major corporations such as Cox Automotive, Verizon Super Pages, and Major Commercial Finance companies. In his journey, he has made many mistakes and has lived to share some wisdom to help you on your work from home journey. There are plenty of ways we can each learn from each other, and Michael shows how you can learn from his mistakes working from home and create your own successful actions.

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Show notes:

  • How Michael found his career path while working from home.
  • How did Michael create the roadmap to help others manage their days (as well as himself) without overwhelm?
  • The journey Michael took to writing his book and getting it published.
  • Michael’s book is for anyone who has trouble feeling like you never have enough time to do anything, this is the book that gives you more time.
  • What’s in the works for Michael? – Michael dives into his possible future of coaching, courses, etc.
  • Where does time seem to leak away from? (Is Michael a time plumber?!)
  • “Don’t let things that shouldn’t be in the way get in the way.”
  • How NOT to handle everything that comes your way all at once –  Reorient your focus and priorities.
  • “The only way to control time is to confront it.”
  • Becoming aware of the things you’re doing to do them with intention so it doesn’t take a toll on you.
  • “Schedule your personal items first and your business items second.”
  • You own your time! If you think time owns you, you’re doing it wrong.
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