E336 - Leslie Danford - Turning Adversity into Opportunity - Liz Theresa

E336 – Leslie Danford – Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E336 - Leslie Danford - Turning Adversity into Opportunity


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Leslie is a dynamic commercial leader with a successful track record in various industries. She excels in driving revenue growth and EBITDA expansion in both established and growing businesses. Leslie’s strengths include turning strategy into action, uncovering profit opportunities, and building brands across consumer touchpoints. She’s known for hands-on leadership, motivating teams, and influencing cross-functional stakeholders.

As the founder of Vitaminis, Leslie’s passion lies in creating a fun and functional beverage that enhances family nutrition and development. With her leadership, Vitaminis aims to innovate the beverage industry and positively impact consumers’ lives.

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Vitaminis Website

Vitaminis on Amazon

Show notes:

|00:02:08| Passion-driven journey leads to the creation of vitamins.
|00:03:19| Transitioning from job loss to the launch of our product.
|00:06:31| Shifting focus to immunity due to COVID-19, with gut health plans delayed until 2022.
|00:11:28| Evolving from lifestyle influencers to health advocates.
|00:15:16| Exploring the booming shot market with a 13% projected growth.
|00:17:48| Drawing inspiration from nature and health for aspirational ideas. Introducing our catchy trademark: vitamini. Seeking feedback on its specificity.
|00:21:22| Unveiling Amazon’s vast potential for business success.
|00:23:11| An entrepreneurial couple’s investment in affordable product development.
|00:27:25| Exciting developments in our new daily greens juice shot.

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