E338 - Lisa Maree - The High Price of Ethics - Liz Theresa

E338 – Lisa Maree – The High Price of Ethics

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E338 - Lisa Maree - The High Price of Ethics


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As the founder of her self-titled clothing brand, Lisa Maree, she took the fashion world by storm at Australian Fashion Week with her breathtaking crochet swim collection. This successful debut was just the beginning of her remarkable journey. Lisa Maree followed up with another runway success and launch of her line in the USA on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Swim Fashion Week. Since then, her collections have continued to impress global fashion critics, gaining her a devoted following among well-dressed celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lisa Hale, Kate Upton, Vanessa Hudgens, Amy Adams, Ashley Tisdale, and Emma Hernan. Her designs have also been featured in WWD, Forbes, Fashionista, Us Weekly, E! News, Byrdie, and more! Her collections are currently stocked in over 12 countries, the range is available at premium boutiques, Free People, and is shipping online worldwide. Not only has she seen her business grow exponentially, but she also recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening her very first storefront in Laguna Beach. The boutique offers an exclusive in-store shopping experience, featuring every style from her website, including the highly sought-after crochet cover-ups and bikinis!

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Show notes:

  • |00:01:13| Lisa Maree, a fashion designer with a decade of experience, founded her label in 2010 and ventured into her Glamazon aesthetic before joining a Dubai company. She’s now back, focusing on her own fashion brand.
  • |00:03:21| An Australian graphic design student struggled to find a job, so she started an online fashion store. Her unique swimsuit designs gained attention at fashion week, leading to deals with major retailers, all thanks to her creative ingenuity.
  • |00:07:16| The tale unfolds like a movie, filled with courageous acts and bold decisions.
  • |00:10:53| Lisa ponders over Pro’s jeans with star prints, caught in the dilemma of wanting to cut them but remaining undecided.
  • |00:13:19| The fashion industry pivoted online due to COVID-19, impacting wholesale businesses significantly.
  • |00:17:43| Lisa, as a graphic designer, sketches ideas that are transformed into digital designs. These blueprints guide the manufacturing process, from creating samples to the final product. It’s a rewarding yet occasionally disheartening journey.
  • |00:22:34| Competition is tough due to the demand for cheap products, but ethical handmade crochet garners support. Despite limited impact, the industry persists.
  • |00:26:57| Lisa believes Nordstrom shoppers value ethical production and brand certification, distinguishing them from Facebook shoppers. They appreciate tailored sales tools and feel Lisa’s items should not be undervalued.
  • |00:30:57| Excitement brews as Lisa Maree prepares to launch new prints and silhouettes for spring, eagerly anticipating wearing the samples in just a few months.
  • |00:32:10| Thank you Lisa Maree for joining the show!
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