E344 – Mariah Magazine – Navigating the SEO Landscape - Liz Theresa

E344 – Mariah Magazine – Navigating the SEO Landscape

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E344 – Mariah Magazine – Navigating the SEO Landscape


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Meet Mariah Magazine, your Online Business Best Friend and SEO Expert. With over 5 years of experience, Mariah simplifies SEO to help you get found, hired, and paid online. No big team—just Mariah, actively working with you in the trenches.

Starting in web design, Mariah fell in love with SEO’s puzzle. She’s guided 100+ clients to Google’s page #1 in under 3 weeks, focusing on smart strategy over perfection. Mariah is your partner, navigating Google’s 200+ factors. Forget overwhelm—she makes SEO doable and aligned.

A Buffalo, NY native, Mariah skips the college degree but packs real-world insights. Creator of the Intentional Expansion Affirmation Card Deck, she’s not just about SEO. Mariah co-hosts “Curiously Guided,” a podcast exploring biz-spirit-subconscious vibes. Connect with Mariah Magazine to simplify SEO and kickstart your journey to page #1.

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Show notes:

  • |02:56| Mariah Magazine shares a high school story of adopting her pseudonym for privacy.
  • |05:46| Our guest, Mariah, discusses diverse online visibility strategies, emphasizing SEO and collaborations.
  • |06:47| Mariah explores the accidental benefits of SEO and PR collaboration in YouTube marketing.
  • |11:55| Mariah stresses relevance and understanding keyword intent for Google page 1 ranking.
  • |16:15| Differentiating SEO friendly vs. optimized, Mariah advocates for education over confusion.
  • |19:13| Emphasizing keyword research, Mariah highlights the difference between SEO friendly and SEO optimized.
  • |20:26| Mariah explains the varying importance of website loading speed for SEO based on competition.
  • |25:28| Mariah underscores the significance of topical authority for SEO and keyword visibility.
  • |29:33| Mariah advises on SEO investment, pre-website keyword research, and collaboration with designers.
  • |31:59| Connect with Mariah Magazine on mariahmagazine.com, YouTube (mariahmagazine.video), and Instagram (@MariahMagazineCO). Use code “SEO love 10” for a $10 workshop discount.
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