E345 – Renee Perkins – Building a Business in Your Twenties - Liz Theresa

E345 – Renee Perkins – Building a Business in Your Twenties

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E345 – Renee Perkins – Building a Business in Your Twenties


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Renee is the Founder and CEO of Nantucket Island Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency serving New England. Renee holds dual degrees in Marketing and Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Business Management from Bentley University, a business school outside of Boston where she also played Division II College Soccer. Renee got an early start working with small businesses working in her family’s boating business on Nantucket. Renee has held positions all over Massachusetts in real estate, public relations, hospitality, event planning, non-profits, and more. Since its founding in 2020, NIM has worked with over 200 businesses and has a team of 20 to support. In 2022, Renee was named to Boston Business Journals 25 Under 25 list, recognizing young, ambitious individuals, and future leaders of Boston’s startup scene.

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Show notes:

  • |02:10| Renee’s journey began during the COVID pandemic as a recent college grad on Nantucket, navigating a challenging job market from her parents’ home.
  • |05:40| Despite her youth, Renee gained client trust amid the pandemic, highlighting the behind-the-scenes effort in starting a business.
  • |08:11| Renee shares insights into the unique challenges of launching a business in your twenties.
  • |12:35| Stressing positive team dynamics, Renee draws from her experiences in sports and work.
  • |16:02| Feedback, whether positive or negative, has been a key learning experience contributing to Renee’s growth.
  • |16:53| Renee opens up about working constantly, recognizing the need for healthier client boundaries.
  • |23:08| The discussion delves into the pros and cons of narrowing down services in marketing, highlighting the agency’s growth from limited knowledge to hiring experts.
  • |24:15| Renee’s straightforward advice? “Don’t make me dance.”
  • |28:26| Exploring reasons businesses approach Renee’s agency, including small marketing teams, expertise gaps, cost efficiency, and time management. Balancing budgets and resources is crucial, especially in advertising.
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