E346 – Melissa Harrison – The Power of Pausing - Liz Theresa

E346 – Melissa Harrison – The Power of Pausing

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E346 – Melissa Harrison – The Power of Pausing


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Melissa Harrison, M.S., is a Leadership Development and Executive Coach renowned for guiding fierce women leaders to surpass their goals and make a meaningful impact. Holding degrees in English, Sociology, and an M.S. in Psychology with a specialization in Leadership Development and Coaching, Melissa employs a unique blend of psychology, behavior analysis, and spirituality to help clients achieve unprecedented results. Published in various reputable platforms, including Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post, Melissa is also the author of two books, “30 Days to Freedom From Toxic Relationships” (2018) and “Fierce Feminine Leader: The Definitive Guide for Ambitious Women to Truly Tap Into Their Genius” (2021). As the host of “The Fierce Feminine™ Podcast”, Melissa continues to inspire and empower women leaders.

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Show notes:

  • |02:19| Melissa’s journey to coaching high-achieving women.
  • |05:41| Taking the time to pause when you’re so in tune with life.
  • |07:15| Melissa on leveling up: “It’s just a different experience of yourself in a new expanded way. But you can’t do that unless you pause.”
  • |11:48| The importance of being intentional about daily practices
  • |16:10| The things we’re missing when we don’t pause: “But if you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, who you help, how you help them, what gives you energy, not what you think you should be doing to serve those people the way that you really know you can serve those people.”
  • |18:11| Your world will not crumble if you take a moment to pause and breathe.
  • |21:30| How your feelings and opinions change as you age.
  • |25:59| An exercise for addressing yourself in the moment.
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