E351 – Mike Brcic – Finding Fulfillment Beyond Growth - Liz Theresa

E351 – Mike Brcic – Finding Fulfillment Beyond Growth

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E351 – Mike Brcic – Finding Fulfillment Beyond Growth

Mike Brcic is an intrepid entrepreneur and community builder dedicated to fostering human connection and belonging. With a career spanning over two decades, Mike has spearheaded numerous ventures aimed at enriching lives and workplaces.

He is the visionary founder of Wayfinders, a vibrant community empowering individuals to lead more authentic and connected lives. Through his facilitation, research, and adventurous spirit, Mike navigates the terrain of human connection, creating spaces of psychological safety and fulfillment.

From hosting transformative events in remote landscapes to sharing insights on connection through his Substack channel at wayfinders.substack.com, Mike is becoming a beacon of inspiration in these transformative times!

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Show notes:

  • |04:40| How busy schedules and fear drive avoidant behaviors.
  • |09:36| The process of grief and how it can never be rushed.
  • |12:57| The importance of compartmentalizing life and creating space for stillness.
  • |15:31| Focus on personal growth for business success.
  • |18:09| Business growth, self-discovery, and adventurous leadership.
  • |24:11| Scale should serve value, not ego validation.
  • |33:52| Why you should automate tasks, delegate, or freelance for efficiency.
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