E49 - Arianna Taboada - Baby-proof Your Business - Liz Theresa

E49 – Arianna Taboada – Baby-proof Your Business

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E49 - Arianna Taboada - Baby-proof Your Business

Arianna Taboada is a maternal health consultant who works with experienced entrepreneurs who are becoming first-time mothers, helping them customize their maternity leave plan and return to work.

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Show notes:

  • [1:55] – Arianna shares the “birth of her business.”
  • [4:06] – Describing burnout from her time working as a 9 to 5er.
  • [9:30] – Arianna primarily works with service-based businesses because they have more hurdles.
  • [10:32] – Her clients struggle with the idea of losing control of your business.
  • [12:10] – Arianna shares tips for entrepreneurs who are pregnant or about to become pregnant.
  • [17:00] – Should you try to launch a product to make having a baby easier?
  • [18:39] – The types of clients she gets – are they usually already pregnant?
  • [19:10] – Post-partum clients.
  • [27:00] – Project management tips for expectant entrepreneurs.
  • [29:54] – Tips for hiring a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, or Project Manager.
  • [32:48] – Direct sales and motherhood.
  • [34:34] – Arianna’s last words.
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