E62 - Richard Chapo - Online Privacy in 2017 - Liz Theresa

E62 – Richard Chapo – Online Privacy in 2017

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E62 - Richard Chapo - Online Privacy in 2017

Richard Chapo is a lawyer in San Diego who has been practicing for 20 plus years. These days, he advises online businesses and startups on how best to comply with laws and regulations applicable to doing business online such as the DMCA and FTC compliance mandates. Richard is also in the process of launching a podcast called The Wicked Deke in which he and guests will provide legal tips to entrepreneurs interested in starting online businesses or protecting their current companies.

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Show notes:

  • [1:05] – Richard’s unique pathway to entrepreneurship.
  • [3:42] – His time in Russia.
  • [10:45] – Why did he choose to work with entrepreneurs.
  • [11:26] – The Amazon Echo and its privacy issues.
  • [14:48] – The concept of “social hacking.”
  • [15:59] – DMCA and its meaning.
  • [19:46] – FTC Compliance.
  • [29:30] – Website terms and conditions.
  • [37:48] – Get grounded first. His last words.
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