E16 - Ashley Jacobs - Giving Back With Your Business - Liz Theresa

E16 – Ashley Jacobs – Giving Back With Your Business

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E16 - Ashley Jacobs - Giving Back With Your Business

Giving Back With Your Business. Ashley Jacobs is the Founder and CEO of Sitting for a Cause, a pet sitting website that donates 50% of their profits to help animals in need. Fueled by her love for animals and desire to help reduce euthanasia rates in the United States, Ashley started Sitting for a Cause in 2013 as a one woman and her dog pet sitting duo. She launched her new website in March 2016, allowing pet sitters across the country to join her in her mission to provide pet sitting services that give back. Ashley lives in Newport Beach with her dog (Sitting for a Cause’s Executive Sitter), Diamond.

Show notes:

  • [2:45] How Ashley arrived at Sitting for a Cause
  • [9:15] Her process for finding the shelters that need help
  • [16:07] “Success is not all about the money you’re making.”
  • [17:40] Three different classes of people who sign up for Sitting for a Cause
  • [18:18] How Ashley is getting people to sign up for the site
  • [20:05] Her success with Facebook ads
  • [23:49] Has anyone ever not shown up?
  • [28:38] Her “sweet spot” in freelance social media marketing
  • [29:50] Ashley’s time management tips
  • [32:10] Where the sitters are located
  • [33:57] A big learning experience for her
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