E40 - Ashley Rae - Behind the Scenes Look at LuLaRoe - Liz Theresa

E40 – Ashley Rae – Behind the Scenes Look at LuLaRoe

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E40 - Ashley Rae - Behind the Scenes Look at LuLaRoe

Ashley Rae lives in San Diego, CA, and left her corporate marketing & PR career to sell LuLaRoe full time. LuLaRoe is a comfortable clothing brand for women, men and children. Ashley enjoys using her marketing skills to promote her own business, working from home and managing a team of 200 other fashion retailers all over the country.

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Show notes:

  • [2:01] – Ashley tells the story of how we meet – AKA our “meet cute.”
  • [5:00] – Ashley shares her journey leaving her 9 to 5 career in PR and marketing to pursue LuLaRoe full-time.
  • [8:23] – Ashley’s mom used to work in fashion and owned a boutique called “Twin Fashions” with her twin sister.
  • [9:24] – Thought about LuLaRoe originally as a “side-hustle” and creative outlet – not a full-time gig. She also shares the story of her launch party.
  • [13:09] – She originally was spending 20 hours per week on LuLaRoe.
  • [14:49] – Decision to go full-time after speaking with her sponsor.
  • [15:05] – “It would be so great if I could work from coffee shops and sleep in in the morning.”
  • [18:33] – “Even if I were to make less money, I would still choose this [because it made me happy.]”
  • [19:04] – The technical aspects of selling socially.
  • [27:58] – Lessons gleaned from Ashley’s experience: consistency, engagement, giveaways.
  • [33:00] – The Ambassador Program
  • [40:00] – Ashley’s last words.
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