E7 - KC Downey - Election 2016 & Journalistic Success - Liz Theresa

E7 – KC Downey – Election 2016 & Journalistic Success

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E7 - KC Downey - Election 2016 & Journalistic Success

KC Downey is the Digital Media Manager at WMUR-TV, having joined the station in 2012. KC has worked his entire career in the Boston-Manchester area, working previously as a web producer and senior web producer at WHDH-TV and a digital content producer for CBS in Boston. A graduate of Boston University in 2007 and a Massachusetts native, KC is excited to be living in New Hampshire for the first time in his life. KC lives with his wife, Meg, and dog, Sadie, in Newmarket.

Show notes:

  • [3:03] KC’s typical day and his typical day during Election Day
  • [8:38] How to stay grounded during the election
  • [16:00] Ways of dealing with the drama between news and politics
  • [17:49] Methods of covering news stories
  • [21:07] Process of figuring out which stories to publish
  • [22:18] “News CAN be nice!”
  • [24:00] How KC chooses which stories make it to the Facebook page
  • [30:03] How he gets press releases
  • [33:47] Advice for people who are trying to put themselves out there professionally


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