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Get your name
in lights!

Liz Theresa, Branding Expert

You have a brand – and you’d like more people to know about it.

(That’s where I come in.)

Hey! I’m Liz Theresa. I’m here to tell people about YOU and YOUR BRAND. And I’ll do it with a mega dose of personality, laughter, and a highly engaged audience who seems to care about what I have to say.

Let’s make your brand
a lasting impression.

It’s becoming harder and harder to rely on traditional advertising (Facebook Ads, included) to get the word out about what you’re doing. We’re desensitized to ads — we even use ad blockers! (I know I do!) And when you promote yourself, it’s not nearly as effective as when your happy fans and clients do.

About Liz on Biz™

Liz on Biz™ has been a popular show in the niche of online business & entrepreneurship with a heavy focus on female empowerment, inspirational stories, and marketing advice. All Liz on Biz™ episodes are evergreen – they’re a snapshot into an entrepreneurial journey, and episodes that are YEARS old are truly listened to every single week to this day.

That’s exactly why partnering with brands in a relatable way (ie. on social media, through a podcast, or in email) is your ticket to hop- scotch over the excruciating traffic jam blocking you from the recognition you deserve.

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Who You Can Reach:

More than 10,000 USA-based Women Business Owners Ages 25 – 44*
*This demographic data represents the vast majority of the audience.

Where You’ll Show Up:

· Liz on Biz™ Podcast Mentions
· Email Newsletter Features
· Social Media Posts and Videos
· Website Partnership Spotlights

Who This *is* For:

Anyone looking to build trust and gain exposure with a niche female audience who cares about business!

Who This is *Not* For:

Anyone who thinks sponsorships mean instant sales! Because they don’t and anyone who says they do is a scammer or a total creep. I’m going to level with you here – the value is the exposure and expansion of your audience – the attraction of people who will eventually buy.

What Makes Partnering with Me Different:

· You get access to *multiple* media channels to reach your demographic.
· I don’t have fake or purchased followers – my people genuinely know and like me.
· I’m a marketer – first and foremost. So, I’m equipped to help you hone your message for maximum impact.

Are you ready to make a lasting impression?